Rollforming machines for the HVAC industry. Pittsburgh lock and right-angle flange rollformers for various material gauges.

Special Rollformers Customized, efficient solutions to the most challenging rollforming applications.

Snap Lock
Specially designed for commercial and industrial ductwork, these Button Punch Snap Lock machines will turn out perfectly formed locks. They will produce both a female button lock (inboard rolls) and a button-punched right-angle flange (outboard rolls).

Duct Connector
Form standing "S" cleats, standard "S" cleats, reinforced "S" cleats and drive cleats with these powerful performers.

TDC Machines
Rollform your own sealable TDC flanges.

Power Notching
Residential (20 gauge) or Speednotching (16 gauge) machines prepare ductwork to receive bar, slip or “S” and other drive connections

Round/Oval Machines
Make your own spin collars, Reeves-type snap lock, roll your own pipe, notch, bead, crimp and roll complete round starting collars with these versatile machines.

The perfect companions for your rollforming machines.

Plasma Cutters
Cost-effective, high-precision alternatives to laser cutting systems.

Waterjet Cutters
Designed to eliminate the duct liner bottleneck in your shop while reducing the labour associated with this process.

Clinching Machines
The perfect alternative to costly spot-welding or riveting. Clean, quiet and safe, these machines offer unmatched labour savings, consistency and payback.

Multiple Blanking Lines

The Multi-Pro™ cut-to-length (CTL) and multi-blanking lines offer high speed, high accuracy, slitting and edge trimming, leveling, shearing and multiple blank stacking.

HVAC Equipment Coil lines and equipment for fabricating rectangular ductwork and equipment such as seam closers and corner inserters. Machinery for fabricating fittings is also produced.

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